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Another school year is nearing its end. At first, it seems just like any other school year. But looking back, it did have its ups and downs. One part of it, I would say, was NSTP. NSTP was one big rollercoaster ride. Admittedly, I didn’t like it entirely. Why? It had a lot of requirements for a non-credited subject. It was fine with me going to our designated area and teaching kids, but it was not seem necessary for us to still have to submit certain papers/ documents and have these processing sessions…Well that was what I initially felt. As I reflect on it, I realize that I did actually have fun in one way or another, and along the way, I managed to pick a thing or two. Teaching kids is not an easy thing especially if they have an attention span of three seconds. With limited resources, we started out the school year, aiming to be able to teach at least one kid to be able to read. “Raise the statistics by even just one,” as we said. Despite my initial bitterness against having to wake up early on Saturday for classes, I did not take my anger with me to my duties as a tutor. I tried my best to teach my tutees literacy. At the end of the school year, as I re-administered the DOLCH test, I found a sense of fulfillment as each of the kids showed great improvement since the start. It is this idea of helping out that is weighing on my mind right now. As the NSTP school year ends, I take it upon myself to take the lessons NSTP taught me and give it back to society. I may not have the capability to effect one big change on society, but with one random act of kindness, society can slowly but surely change. For if one man performs an act of random kindness, and others follow, then the world will be on happier place to live in. Accept it or not, we all have this greed inside of us that prevents us from sharing and giving. But it is even more human for a person to go past

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