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Health History and Screening of an Adolescent or Young Adult Client Save this form on your computer as a Microsoft Word document. You can expand or shrink each area as you need to include the relevant data for your client. Student Name:Nicole Murphy Date: Biographical Data Patient/Client Initials:NM Phone No:813-386-3212 Address:5637 Lakewood Drive,Brandon,Florida Birth Date:01/05/1998 Age:16 Sex:F Birthplace: Brandon Marital Status:Single Race/Ethnic Origin: White Occupation:Student Employer:Unemplyed Financial Status: (Income adequate for lifestyle and/or health concerns. Is there a source of health insurance? Employment disability?) I get insurance through my mother.I am Dependent. Source and Reliability of Informant:From Nicole Murphy (Alert and oriented) Mother is with the patient Past Use of Health Care System and Health Seeking Behaviors:None Present Health or History of Present Illness:Fever and Throat pain,this is the second time in last two months. Past Health History General Health: (Patient’s own words).I think I am healthy Allergies: (include food and medication allergies) Penicillin Reaction:I had itching and rashes. Current Medications: None Last Exam Date:October 2012 Immunizations:Up-to date Childhood Illnesses:Chicken pox Serious or Chronic Illnesses:None Past Health Screening (see “Well Young Adult Behavior Health Assessment History Screening” below)see below Past Accidents or Injuries: None Past Hospitalizations: yes Past Operations: Appendicectomy Family History (Specify which family member is affected.) Alcoholism (ETOH use/abuse):None Allergies:None Arthritis:Grand mother from mother’s side Asthma:None Blood Disorders:None Breast Cancer:None

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