Nri Marriages And Abandoned Wives Essay

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The article is about NRIs (Non Resident Indians) marriages - Indians living abroad and abandoned wives. It sheds light on the desperation of women in some parts of India and similar countries to leave their homes/countries and immigrate to countries in pursuit of better livelihoods . They fall victim at the hands of the greedy agents who make false promises and prey on these vulnerable women. The agents take large sums of money, some times all their life savings to give them visas to other countries or get them married to Indians settled abroad. Most women don’t have any individual status and they are under the care and protection of their fathers or spouses. The empirical question is, why these women or their families would do anything to leave their countries? On the micro level, most of these women live in very poor economic or financial conditions and they are ready to take risky decisions in promise of better lifestyles. In Indian culture, it is only possible for women to move out of their homes is by getting married. Most of the marriages are arranged for women. On the other hand the men are allowed to choose who they would get married to, for the most part. On a macro level it shows the gender-conflict or dysfunctions of a structural-functional society where the man is allowed to choose his way of living. He defines his own individual status. The hegemony (lecture notes - 2/13/10) of the National Council for Women, to give the women “ domicile independent status” which means to give women the right to have their own individuality rather than depending on their status as daughters or wives, is a step forward in bringing awareness. It may even change the mores for women but will it influence the folkway (lecture notes - 2/20/10)? This not only shows the gender-conflict but also the status-conflict aspect of the society. The poor economic living

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