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The Manager who doubled productivity Wilfredo Perez 21856109 Submitted for course SSC130 Essentials of Psychology Current date January 15 2014 Assignment number 05020602 1. How did Cliff take advantage of principles of operant conducting to modify his staff’s behavior? A. Operant conditioning is based on that the actions or behaviors that are reinforced will be repeated. Reinforcement involves providing rewards or positive consequences for a specific behavior. This can be done through shaping, when positive reinforcement is used to reward good behavior in a series of steps. Cliff realized that to increase staff productivity and morale he needed to utilize positive reinforcement. The previous manager was very hard on his staff, so this simple change conditioned the staff to respond positively towards Cliff, therefore productivity increased. 2. Why did Cliff’s predecessor strategy of punishing undesirable behavior not work very well? Even if punishment and reinforcement strategies were equally effective at controlling behavior, why would reinforcement remain preferable? A. It didn’t work because it was not what he was used to doing or what he was known for; he was more at ease with reinforcements over punishment because there were positive connotations to this method. Reinforcement works best because it bring about the positive and show how and why it is rewarded, while punishment only focuses on the negative and therefore results in demoralization. 3. How could Cliff make use of partial reinforcement schedules? What kind of schedules did he use? A. Cliff made use of partial reinforcement schedule by frequently complimenting staff whenever they had done a good job; also he met daily production goals for them and rewards those that met their goals with lunch on Fridays and extra break time. The specific schedule that he used

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