Npi: Nurse Patient Interaction Essay

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WORKING PHASE | NURSE INTERACTION | THERAPEUTIC COMMUNICATION | PATIENT INTERACTION | INFERENCE | “Hello po Ate Karen. “(smiles) | Giving Recognition | “bakit wala ka kahapon?hinanap kita eh”(waves hand as a hello) | The nurse should always recognize the client by calling her on her real name. The client will feel that she is special. | “ay, kasi po may sakit po ako. Sorry po ate.” | Giving Information | “ngayon okay ka na? Okay lang. nandito ka na rin naman e. “ (eye-to-eye contact with the nurse ) | The nurse be honest enough to answer the clients questions to gain the clients trust. | “Opo. Hehe kamusta naman po kayo kahapon?”(eye-to-eye contact with the client) | Encouraging expression | “mejo malungkot di ako nakalabas e. absent ka kasi. “ | Asking questions about her feelings will help her express herself more. | “sorry po talaga ate. | | “okay lang. bibili mob a ako ng meryenda? (smiles at the nurse)” | | “ano po ba gusto nyo ate? Sa grand socialization nalang po ha? Wala po kasi akong pera ngayon. “ | Exploring | “Chippy na red, tsaka ung dowee na donut. Yun o”(points at the canteen and answers joyfully) | The nurse promised the client about giving her something next time, she should be true to her words. That is another way of earning the trust of the client. | “sige ate.Ano po gusto ninyong pag usapan ngayon?” | Giving broad openings | “ nag iisip ka ako kanina pa e. Ikaw nalang. May boyfriend ka na?(smiles) | Asking the client on what she wanted to talk about is just like letting the client feel that her opinion is important. | “ay Ate, natanong nyo po.haha meron po. Kayo ate, nagkaboyfriend po ba kayo?” (answers joyfully) | Giving information | “ah! Alam ko na. mag pa autograph ka nalang sa akin. ” (touches the nurse’s knees and smiles with big eyes) | The nurse be honest enough to answer the clients questions to gain the clients trust.

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