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Scientific management or Taylorism has totally changed the American industry since it first introduced in 1911 by Frederick W. Taylor. “The evolution of management thoughts” which was written by Wren and Bedeian, confidently stated that while writing about Taylor’s contribution to the industry “Taylor’s work was, and still remains revolutionary”. It’s more than a hundred year since the first time Taylor introduced his theory, one question is raised: is it still succeed outside this country? The answer will be given after carefully considering the influences of this theory to nowadays Asian industry, specifically the continue successes of Toyota, Ford etc and the famous theory are widely using in logistic and supply chain field: Just in time. Historically, scientific management played a crucial role in the revolution of the United States industry in the beginning of the 20th century. Scientific management was first developed by Frederick Wilson Taylor who is considered as “the most influential business guru of the 20th century”-according to Goeffrey Colvin. Basically, the ultimate goal of this theory is to increase the productivity and the efficiency. According to Frederick Taylor (1911), scientific management can be easily explained from four main factors: Designing the work tasks based on time and motion studies. Selecting the proper workers (highly motivated and controllable) Inducing the workers participate into the system. Worker’s training and controlling system Workers were observed in the production line and after observing, Taylor found the most efficient ways to break down the chain of activities to single movement that the basic ideas of Taylorism. However, Taylor’s works have been narrowly used in just the manufactures but in a wide range of activities within the organization in every department from the employee selection and training, job design

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