Now Versus 20 Years Ago After Seeing Forrest Gump

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Desired essay regarding to a particular film that I saw a long time ago, my impression at that time, as compare to same now. I decided to choose Forrest Gump film. This film was based on a book written about 20 years ago by Winston Groom. It's main actors were Tom Hanks and Gary Senice and the actress Sally Fields. This was about a child with physical and mental challenges that most children dislike and not wanting him to sit with them in school bus. There was only one beautiful girl who liked and help him and became his friend. One day after school while they were going home, a group of children decided to follow them by bicycle. The boy called Forrest, decided to run away from them but his legs which were in metal support to help him to walk, didn't allow him to do so. Suddenly the girl yelled “Run, Forrest! Run!”- Jenny Curran . This gave him amazing power to break all metals and ran so fast that none of the kids could reach and hurt him. When he grew older and played football, he made his team always a winner. No one could catch up with him, he was recruited by the army. As an exemplary soldier he was sent to the war in Vietnam. Watching this film now I feel the same as I did before . Many are not kind and compassionate towards children and adult with physical and mental challenges. Ignoring the fact that we are children of God and connected. In his own way Forrest was a devoted, honorable, and loyal human being and like everyone else as a child of our supreme Devine a genius. Look at Forrest and see in spite of his obstacles and challenges, he was an amazing, productive and effective human being. As a young girl, when I saw this film a long time ago, I felt so sad and sorry for him and knew that I definitely will treat people with disability with compassion and dignity as they would be a normal people . Now,
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