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Now I Remember Written by: Shirley Malorgio May 12th 2010   Happened July 1998 It is April 28th,2010. I am driving down Mediternian street towards Hazelgreen. When all of the sudden this young lady pulls out in front of me in her dad’s camero. I immediately try to hit my breaks. My friend is seven months pregnant, and her daughter that is two years old is in the back seat of my car and I am six months pregnant with Brianna. All I know is I hit the breaks to keep from hitting her, but I still managed to slam into her driver side door. I was at a green light when she came out of the shopping center on the right hand side of me. I could not stop all the way. My car hit her, when I was going fifty miles an hour. You can see that I slammed onto my breaks from the way that I ended up in the right turning lane. I can not move. My friend could not move either,her daughter is crying in the back seat. I immediately try to get out of the car to check on my friends daughter ,when I then realized that I could not move at all.The other driving is just sitting in her car waiting for someone to see what has happened and hoping that we will get help. She does not bother to see if any of us are hurt at all. She waits until the police show up to get out of her car. A person behind me comes to help us. She tells us not to move, because she is a nusre and does not want anything else to happen to us, if we move the wrong way. She lets us know that is she calling us some help so that we can get to the hospital and we ask her to call our family for us as well. She calls 911 for us. Then she calls my husband and my friends husband. The police gets here. Then the girl that I hit comes over to see what had happened afterwards. She proceeds to tell the police the other lane of traffice was

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