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Now I Remember Fathers create a sense of place in the lives of their children even when we are spinning out of control. As a child growing up, I remember spending quality time with both of my parents. For example, we attended Church regularly on Sundays and Bible Study on Wednesday nights. Additionally, we went on various adventure trips such as deep sea fishing, camping, Six Flags over Georgia Theme Park ; as well as we visited several parks that exhibited old war times. When I was thirteen years of age, domestic problems began in my home and my parents had marital problems. As a result, my father was absent from the home; and sometimes later my parents divorced. However, this experience was the onset of my behavioral problems, such as skipping school, rebellion, disobedience, impatient, and impulsiveness. Also; I was molested by a close relative causing my life to spin out of control. Even though, I loved both of my parents dearly the trauma of their separation, divorce, and the breaking up of our family caused me to act out the hurt and the resentment that was that was in my heart. Throughout, my teenage years, this emotional acting out continued until I became pregnant at age sixteen. In fact, a lot of my trouble developed because of my being a daddy’s girl and being deprived of the love of my father. As a result, I turned to seeking love in all the wrong places; and became on the wild side even though, I was not raised that way. However, my nature is that of a strong- willed child, so I did things my own way regardless of how it affected others. Nevertheless, the divorce was hard for me in my teenage years. For, when I needed my father the most he was not there for me. Consequently, this caused me to suffer low self esteem as well as other factors that contributed to my life spinning out of control

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