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Growing Trend toward Graphic Non-fiction Graphic novels grew out of the comic book movement in the 1960’s and came into existence from writers who wanted to use the comic book format to address current adult topics. It has gained a larger audience over the last twenty years, and works of non-fiction, memoirs, history, and others grew out from that format or genre because of the wide range of subjects available. “Graphic fictional is better known, but memoirs often capture critical attention and shine spotlight on the power of graphics to tell a story, particularly a true one”(Brzozowski). Imagine being able to read and see a true story presented come to life or get information on interesting topics all on the same page, which is what graphic non-fiction does. Because the stories are based on reality, they bring on a curiosity to better understand the experience. By elaborating and reflecting on historical events, personal stories, societal issues, and complex subjects graphic non-fiction bring a sparks of interest. One of the noteworthy events in US history was the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2011. The 9/11 Report gave a complete account of this tragedy and the recommendations designed to guard against future attacks. After gathering all the information the report turned out to be over five-hundred pages. While some may have read it, some laid it aside after several pages, because of the size and lack of clarity. Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon summarize and illustrate the findings and recommendations of the 9/11 Report in their graphic memoir, The 9/11 Report/A Graphic Adaptation. Thomas Kern and Lee Hamilton chairman and vice chairman of the commission explain that, “It was the goal of the commission to tell the story in a way the American people could read and understand. “We felt strongly that one of the most important tragic events in our

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