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1. The prospective of Janisse Ray’s memoir “Ecology of a cracker childhood” is the study of an organism of living / nonliving things in a given area which the environment at which they relate called ecology. Relating to the memoir ray was comparing the environment to the childhood in a country town in South Georgia. “ Lonely roads , one horse towns , sprawling farms , and track of planted pines its flat monotonous , used up , hotter than hell in summer and cold enough in the winter that orange trees won’t grow.” (13) The phrase shows that the town was dry and nonliving; if you had maybe been there, or like now hearing about it you may think it’s a ghost town. Living there she had to adapt. “A junkyard wasn’t a bad place to grow up it was weird enough to stroke any child’s curiosity, a playground of endless possibility” (17) Ray felt the junkyard wasn’t a bad place to live. It was a place where she could have endless fun. The environment relating to the title of the book in which a young writers passion for an old place, which flat land soul rooted deep in the ruined land, Ray understands loss and earths peril. Yet she insists on hope. 2. Chapters one, two and three are similar. Her family and her way of life had been introduced. Her fantasy lands were introduced in her mind the pines were sentimental to her. We as people seem to judge from the outside looking in but we never know what things mean to people. A lot of touchy subjects are caused by tragic events in a person’s life. Throughout the novel imagery of ecology were revealed. She uses imagery so we the readers can relate to what she’s saying and so we can feel like were there. For us were being introduced to her life, surroundings, and family but to her she’s reliving her past, her childhood. While reading this novel think about your surroundings of your childhood home and also how you grew up or more how

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