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PERSUASION By Jane Austin Anne Elliot is the second daughter from three daughter of vain, Snobbish Sir Walter. Before she married with the love of her life, She was engaged with Frederick Wentworth who is her husband now but Anne must break off with him because her godmother Lady Russell convinced her. Anne was regretted her decision to break off and also she was breaking Wentworth’s heart. Wentworth was live from bath and Anne never felt in love again to another men. After seven years Captain Frederick Wentworth was back from war and he wants to find wife. But He want came back to Anne because his heart still angry of Anne’s decision. Wentworth met with Anne but He just show his act formally and didn’t want to show that he still love to Anne. Anne’s memory is back and her love is rising again. She still in love with Captain Frederick Wentworth. Anne staying with her friend and her brother in law Charles Musgrove, helping her lazy sister cope with her family. When Captain Wentworth knew about it, He begins to pity her, the put upon spinster sister, then becomes attracted to her caring. Finally Captain Wentworth admits to himself that Anne is his ideal wife, and that he has hardened his heart out of wounded pride. But what of her wounded pride at his disdain? She won't admit she's hurt, and he does not want her to hurt him again. He overhears what sounds like an admission that she has always loved him, that she is sorry she had refused him. He proposes. She accepts. They are loving each other and married, then happy ever

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