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Novel & Author Study Ernest Hemmingway is one of the most remarkable writer of modern era. His fiction style is unique and has no analogues among his contemporary writers. Hemmingway has an inspiration from war and soldiers. He loves to write about soldiers and battles as he himself was a part of the Spanish civil war which I had a great impact on his career as a reporter and later, a fiction writer. He was also a good sportsman who have wanted to put rebel fighters soldiers, sportsmen and adventurous people as he himself was an adventurous person. The Spanish civil war left a profound effect on him and is evidently seen in his own stories and other fiction works. Unlike his contemporaries Ernest Hemmingway had a unique style of writing fiction in which he portrays his hero or any character who is of central importance, usually in the miserable position although he was in a better position earlier but this seems to be a trend with having his novels and other fixtures work. He will be remembered as one of the most profound fiction writers in the modern history. His writing style is simple yet unique and he’s always aware of the fact what he’s going to write about. Those who know him closely, tell a story about him that he was a compulsive writer, used a good ideas out of nowhere and it always made a perfect sense to his mind as a list of his reader’s mind. To some extent he was a superstitious person which is evident from his works. As a natural fiction writer who finds it quite difficult to explain just how he was able to do this more often than not. In many of his interviews, the interviewer has noted that he was unable to explain just how perfectly he was able to portray what you tell them of characters in his words, indicates his passion for his work and then how deeply he was involved where he was writing. He always preferred an undisturbed

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