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Character of the novel Catch Us of You Can Aqqila: Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to our beloved teacher and classmates. Today we will discuss about the character in the novel catch us if you can. Syahira: Firstly, we want to discuss about two main character in this novel Fatin: Who is the first main character? Syafiqah: The first main character is Rory. Rory is young boy who lives with his Granda and his father abandons him. Syahira: What are the personalities of Rory, Aqqila? Aqqila: The first personality is patient. Although Granda is a slow learner, he coaches Granda on the proper eating etiquette to impress Mrs Foley on the parents night. Fatin: Next, I will tell you the second personality of Rory. The personality is concerned. He ensures his Granda never forgets to take his pills. Furthermore, he keeps Granda’s prescriptions, hearing aid and dentures carefully. Syafiqah: Do you still have any idea of the personalities of Rory, Aqqila? Aqqila: Yes, I have. Rory is bold. Although he is young, he dares to take the risk of running away from the authorities with his senile and sickly Granda. Syahira: As you know, the second main character is Granda. Granda suffers from lapses of memory and thus tends to be quite forgetful. He loves Rory deeply and regards Rory as his own son. Fatin: What are the personalities of Granda, Syafiqah? Syafiqah: The personality of Granda is forgetful. For example, he keeps the rubbish in Rory’s school bag and throws Rory’s homework down the rubbish chute. Syahira: The next personality of Granda is knowledgeable. He stills knows how to hotwire a car although it has been sometime he has been a mechanic. Fatin: I want to

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