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Novel The main part of the story starts four years later with the eccentric new classmate, Star girl. Her behavior is unusual for a teen at Mica Area High School. She wears kimonos, Native American buckskin, 1920s flapper clothes, and pioneer dresses to school. She forgoes wearing makeup. She carries her pet rat, Cinnamon, around with her in a bag with a life-size sunflower painted on it. During each class period she decorates her desk with a tablecloth and a vase with a daisy in it. She dances in the rain. She strums a ukulele during lunch every day and sings "Happy Birthday" to kids she has never met. She attends other peoples' funerals and, during sporting events, cheers for both teams. Her behavior is so unusual and so unlike anything anyone at the school had seen before that the student body at first did not know what to make of her. One student, the popular Hillary Kimble, declares "She is not real." Leo develops a soft spot for the girl and refuses pleas of his best friend, Kevin, to put her on their show "the Hot Seat." The "Hot Seat" is a show in which students are placed on the spot, and a jury of fellow students ask them questions "to make them squirm." Leo is not sure why he doesn't want her on the show, although it seems to stem from a strange feeling of wanting to protect her. She fascinates him - he even goes so far as to follow her one evening in order to understand her better. He ends up following her into the desert before eventually giving up and running away. Once the student body gets used to the idea of Star girl, her popularity soars. Students begin to mimic her behavior, and at lunch, her table is overflowing with peers. She is asked to become a cheerleader, and the attendance at games suddenly booms. People don't care that MAHS loses every game - they go to see what crazy antics Star girl will cook up. She sparks a revolution against

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