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Case Study: Novartis Accelerated leadership development When Novartis wanted to increase its leadership bench strength, it turned to Hay Group. In response, Hay Group consultants performed in-depth assessments of high-potential employees and created metrics-driven accelerated leadership development plans for them. And the results were dramatic: successful home-grown executives, a strong; steady presence of up-and-coming talent on the bench; the ability to fill most of the organization’s top 350 positions internally; and the ability to identify, develop, and retain tomorrow’s leaders. A five-year career-development plan Novartis AG is a world leader in offering medicines to protect health, cure disease, and improve well-being. Its goal is to discover, develop, and successfully market innovative products to treat patients, ease suffering, and enhance the quality of life. Novartis is strengthening its medicine-based portfolio, which is focused on strategic growth platforms in innovation-driven pharmaceuticals, high-quality and low-cost generics, human vaccines,and leading self-medication OTC brands. Novartis is the only company with leadership positions in these areas. In 2006, the Group's businesses achieved net sales of $37 billion(USD). “Succession planning had been in effect for a few years,” says Antoine Tirard, the global head of talent management for Novartis. Using an internal assessment process where line managers graded employees, Tirard says, “We had identified high potentials. We knew who we wanted. But we wanted to accelerate their rise.” Hay Group designed and implemented an Accelerated Development Program (ADP) for Novartis, beginning with a group of high-potential employees from across the organization. Although the group had already been assessed by their line managers, Hay Group dug deeper, performing more in-depth assessments in addition to

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