Noughts and Crosses Dairy Entry Essay

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Dear Dairy, Thursday 22 September 2010 I feel so stormy! I don’t even know where to begin! Let me tell you how it began… As the gloomy sun kissed the flowers , I was rudely awakened by my screaming alarm clock. The clock was tick tick ticking away. I had to get up. I started the day at 6:30am,Sometimes I think being an lighter skin is hard-really hard. I had an argument at school today that disturbed me, this made me recognize how people of colour are still treated today, and how different we are looked at, and the hardships we face. I really need to take a deep breath, but what feels easier for me to do is write in you. I feel some bitterness towards the crosses (dark-skinned people). At this point the main reason is the fact that i, a nought (white skin) who previously went to a nought-only school that have a lack of resources and funding, has managed to pass the entrance exam to a previously cross-only school but has to join what he calls “the baby class.” This is because everyone in the class is at least a year younger than him and i can sense irritation over the amount of discrimination that I receive for being white skinned. I feel an overpowering feeling that is so strong that i cannot control it. As a result the misbehaving students around the school are always aggressive. I just don’t know what's going on with them. Why do they discriminate us? Why do they bully us? The first day of school my legs were quivering to enter the gates. I sensed a bad feeling running through my veins. Nobody liked us cross’s to enter there noughts school. As I wondered … No one was seriously hurt in the protest; one girl suffered a bad forehead injury. I can’t really remember her name. The mean, miserly and miscreant kids always seemed to ruin my day. I feel I am alone in a crowd. Being discriminated makes me feel like I am not a part of them. Until now it’s the same.

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