Noughts And Crosses Essay

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My friend kept nagging me to read this. She said it was one of her favourite books. So when summer came along I had no excuse. She handed me this book and I gave in and read it. I'm so glad that I did because its like nothing I've ever read before. Noughts and Crosses is the first in a trilogy followed by Knife Edge and finally Checkmate. Malorie Blackman has had an unaccountable amount of acclaim for this book and its the winner of the Children's Book Award. Noughts and Crosses is a book set in a world where you are either a Nought or a Cross. And although this concept is mostly interpreted as the different races, and in the book a Nought is white and a Cross is black, I also found myself interpreting Noughts and Crosses to be any two concepts. I reckon it could be interpreted as male and female, young and old, or any two concepts that cause prejudice and that separate people in society in our world today. However, in this book it focuses on the races - a Nought boy called Callum and a Cross girl called Sephy. In their world the Nought's are discriminated and are of a lower class than the Crosses, who rule and have power. Sephy and Callum are two best friends in a world that doesn't even understand how a Nought and a Cross can sit together and this book is about the struggle between their friendships, their families, their statuses and their lives. It follows them from their middle teens and then later jumps to their late teens. A chunky 442 pages is very satisfactory and even if you don't read the sequels, this just stands up on its own two feet. It starts with a prologue of what happened between Sephy and Callum's family members a long time ago and then moves onto now when Callum is due to be one of the first Noughts to attend one of the best schools that Sephy goes to too. But this is nothing compared to what else happens in this book. Sooo much
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