Notting Hill Festival Essay

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Introduction:- When we are talking about the Notting Hill festival, there two big things will come to our mind instantly. They are respectively a movie and a local day market. I saw a movie about Notting Hill that tells the life of people in Notting Hill Town. The movie tells a story of a struggle by people living in a small town such as Notting Hill. The movie played by Hugh Grant as a failing book store owner in a small town in Notting Hill in the west of London, England. The movie which also played by ever stunning actress Julia Roberts who played a famous actress from Hollywood going on an assignment in the Town Notting Hill. The movie was quite a success. It turned out big. With all the big names in it, it was quite an entertaining movie. Carrying the genre of romantic comedy, it caught everyone who watches it in a quite remarkably way. Also we might have heard about the most famous and biggest day market in the United Kingdom, the Portobello market. The ever cheapest place to shop, it sells everything from house hold items, groceries, cloths, second hand items as well and so on and so on. The question is what made these things we mentioned above so famous. What has inspired this movie? And what factors have triggered this kind of market to grow big and bigger by times? What is the factor contributed and connected this famous movies and market? We are going to look in to the matters. And try to investigate the contributing factors. Furthermore we are going to discuss the cultural issues arises from this festival which itself is a world famous event which is said to be the world second largest street festivals after the Rio festival in Brazil. So what festival are we referring to? Of course it refers to the world famous Notting Hill Festival. We are going to touch the detail of the festival later on in this paper. But before that we are going to touch a

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