Notions of Diaspora Essay

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ARTS3090: The notion of diaspora generates much discussion attempting to trace the multiple points of affiliation and belonging that characterise the everyday experience of migrants and ethnic communities. This paper explores the politics of national identity in relation to transnational migrants and the global media by looking at cultural experiences of various new migrants and examines the way certain diasporic communities utilise digital media in the twenty-first century. The aim is to understand how national identity is misrepresented by the joint effect of transnational migration and digitalization. This essay argues that the transnational media function to provide a diasporic experience that gives identity and belonging that intersect with multiple spaces. In addition, this paper will explore how Chinese migrants seek to strategically project themselves in a global diaspora in which a homeland, host society and the globe at large, coexist as crucial constructs of their life trajectories as they move across multiple cultural terrain and national boundaries. Related to this issue, this essay examines the various political discourses underlying diasporic experience, followed by an outline that identifies ways in which the transnational intersects with the local and how the media facilitates these complex interactions. Diverse and fluid as they are, identities strive for closure. By incorporating differences and others, the process of identification tries to reach certain kinds of internal coherence. Related to this issue, cultural theorists have argued that debates about identity have to be situated in relation to the process of globalization. According to Hall & du Gay (1996), globalization is coterminous with modernity and is the process of forced and free migration. In other words, the plurality and fluidity of identity in a global context is essentially
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