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State of Florida FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION Equal Opportunity Employer/Affirmative Action Employer The State of Florida does not tolerate violence in the workplace. Agency Authorized Signature Date Class Code Status POSITION APPLIED FOR Where to Find Vacancy Information: • On the Internet: • Jobs and Benefits Centers - Consult your local telephone directory • State Agency Personnel Offices Florida Highway Patrol State Trooper Title: ____________________________________________________________ __________________ -----------Position Number: _________________________________ Date Available: _____________________ Agency: ____________________________________________________________ _______________ Counties of Interest: ____________________________________________________________ _____ Minimum Acceptable Salary: _________________________________________________________ GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS • • Type or print in ink this application in its entirety. Specify the position for which you are applying. (Note: A separate application must be submitted for each vacancy. Photocopies are acceptable.) Submit your application to the office announcing the vacancy no later than the close of business on the announced deadline date. Sign your name in the Certification Section (page 4). All information you submit is subject to verification. Notify the agency's hiring authority in advance if you require special disability accommodations to participate in the employment process. HOW DO WE CONTACT YOU? Your Name • • • Social Security Number Your Mailing Address City County State Zip Code Home Phone E-mail Address Business Phone SUNCOM (State Employees) EDUCATION HIGH SCHOOL: NAME / LOCATION OF SCHOOL RECEIVED: Diploma Other (specify) None YOUR NAME,

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