Nothings Changed and Two Scavengers

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For this assignment I am going to compare ‘Nothings Changed’ with ‘Two Scavengers.’ Both of these poems are about the division between two parts of society. In ‘Nothings Changed’ the writer describes his anger that the rich, white people have caused him. In ‘Two Scavengers’ the writer uses imagery to show the difference between beautiful rich people and two scavengers. As I have already said the two poems are both about the division of different parts of society. But both the writers are very effective in expressing there opinions and getting across their individual point. Where ‘Two Scavengers’ shows the division of rich and poor in a society, ‘Nothings Changed’ shows the difference of the white ethnic group and the black ethnic group. They both have better off people and also those who are seen and lesser people in the society scale. The better of people in Nothings Changed are the rich white people and in Two Scavengers it is the two beautiful people. ‘Nothings Changed’ is about the poet going back to an apartheid to see if things are changed. He uses onomatopoeia, ‘click’, ‘crunch’ and ‘thrust.’ They are all harsh sounding and suggest what the border was between white and black people before. It was harsh for black people because they weren’t treated nicely. The poet also uses alliteration of ‘cuffs, cans’ and ‘mean mouth.’ They are single syllable words and seem to be said in an angry tone as if he is spitting the word out. On four lines he starts the sentences with ‘and my’ and then ‘and the’ for three lines. He is using repetition to show that anger is building up and the use of ‘hot…anger of my eyes’ proves this point of anger building up. He does on to describe a restaurant which name is a simile ‘flaring like a flag.’ This suggests that it stands out as a posh place but he knows it there and what it used to be. He describes the glass of the
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