Nothing's Changed.

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ESSAY ENGLISH: Written Text- Nothing’s Changed written by Tatamkhulu Afrika In the poem ‘nothing’s changed’ the poet describes the cultural difference between the black people and whites. He represents this by using many different poetic techniques, he does this by emphasising that there is a cultural difference between them, he shows this by using a small village in Africa called District six. The Title of the poem suggests that when the whites destroyed District six and built a new village, for the blacks and whites to mix, it did not work. He shows this with the feeling of being unwelcome, in the village that used to be his home when he was a child. In this poem the cultures are divided because of wealth and power. In stanza 1 the poet clearly builds up a sense of his anger at the continuing injustice. As he walks through District six, once so familiar to him, he feels an outsider. He begins his poem with short monosyllabic words, ‘small round stones’, which adds a feeling of sharpness to the tone which suggests his anger. In addition, the onomatopoeia word ‘click’ emphasises his anger because of his sharp aggressive ‘ck’ sound. Secondly he begins to use harsh and aggressive words, for example the word ‘thrust’ is a very harsh and unwelcome word, and it sounds very violent and aggressive. In this poem Afrika uses the symbol of “weeds” as the weeds are unwelcome, the weeds and Afrika are similar because they are unwelcome as they are both outsiders. Afrika’s hatred for what he believes it continually discriminated, this it shown as a symbol with the ‘whites only inn’, Afrika uses a word ‘brash’ which shows his vulgar, garnish and ostentations into appearance. Also alliteration is used in ‘guards at the gatepost’ with its aggressive ‘g’ sound, to reveal how intimidating it feels. Secondly there is a sense of unwelcome ness this is symbolised with
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