Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained Essay

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Every summer, I feel like I’m stuck in a rut. Lounging around doing nothing, I turn into a sofa spud (couch potato), watching the telly with my best friends: the crisps and the coke. During the night, I become a computer geek, playing platform arcade games until the early hours. But last summer, my boredom eventually slipped away. One day, a friend of mine phoned me: “Shall we go hiking up around Gratal mountain range?” he/ she asked me. If I had been asked that question two summers ago, my response would have been: “Not in million years would I agree to go hiking anywhere”. Out of the blue, I realized it was high time to undertake three challenges: running a fashion blog, signing up for tap dancing lessons and writing a whodunit novel. For the first challenge, I took pictures of myself wearing different outfits. Time was far more memorable since I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing the day of the shooting. At the same time, I was taking up tap dance lessons. Difficult though it was, my self-confidence grew and my hours of doing exercise increased. Last but not least, becoming a whodunit writer has always been one of my concerns/dreams. The secret to writ(ing) a novel from scratch during the summer was pure doggedness; I didn't go to sleep until I had written at least 1,000 words. All in all, there’s nothing wrong in taking several challenges in order to make the most of the summer. After all, they are a ton of fun and it turns out that just two months is just the right amount of time to add new habits or subtract others. I can honestly say that I will never slip back to my old

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