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10 Ways To Spend Your Free Time Some people are very busy with work and other activities. If you've only got a bit of free time during your week, then it's best to use it wisely instead of wasting the little time that you have to yourself. Here are 10 tips on spending your free time well: 1. Spend your free time resting or sleeping While some may prefer to spend it on fun or exciting activities, if you are tired during your waking hours then getting some quality rest can be the best thing to spend your free time doing. 2. Catching up on your reading If you're an avid reader, then you could spend your free time catching up on those books that you haven't had the time to read. Keep them in an area that you have easy access to and enjoy. 3. Clean or fix up your home Being busy can make it hard to get your home tidy and clean. Try doing some housecleaning or rearranging of the rooms in your home. 4. Exercise and physical fitness It's always good to keep your body healthy. Go for a walk or visit the gym in your free time. Good health can make all other aspects of your life better including your work. 5. Relax and calm your mind Meditating or relaxing in some other way can help clear your mind and make you feel better. You can also visit a sauna or get a massage to help you relax in your free time. 6. Catch up on your bills Doing your finances is always good to do. If you've got some extra time, try doing your bills and making sure you're aware of where all your money is going. 7. Watch some television You don't have to do something productive in your free time. Instead, just sit back and watch a movie or some television. Free time doesn't have to be about more work, try renting a favorite movie and relax. 8. Surf the internet The internet is full of fun and interesting things. Visit your favorite websites and learn new things in your free time. You

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