Nothing There Essay

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One tear. One small tear. I closed my eyes slowly, unwillingly. The image of his face burned bright behind the blackness of my closed eyes. I inhaled calmly, quietly; amazingly in control. I knew the numbness would fade, and then would come the pain. The kind of unspeakable, all-consuming pain that comes when a piece of you dies. I opened my eyes and allowed them to slowly focus. I was looking at my hands and the glistening spot on my wrist where the tear had landed. I sat frozen for what seemed like a lifetime…and when my mind finally pulled itself out of the nothingness I realized that I was smiling. Time is running out for the planet Earth was it everything they told me? Was it all the things they promised me? Was it everything they told me? Was it everything they said it would be? Strange things move in the corner of my eyes And the sky never looked so white and pretty Tiny figures crawl upon my sterile flesh There's a hole in the world, and it keeps getting bigger Was it everything I hoped for? Was it all the things I prayed for? Was it everything I hoped for? Was it everything I thought it would be? In space where the stars are dead now The man in the moon still has a wicked face But the more I reach for the heavens above The more I hate my own pitiful love Like a river flowing around me...mirrors paradise Pulling me in its wake... mirrors paradise How can i love it... How can i believe it... How can i need it... When there's nothing there? there is something that the world wants to show me something so much better they'll make the world seem a little bit deader my smile... but it's all despair my love... but there's nothing

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