Nothing More Nothing Less .. Essay

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effective communication with patients is increasingly understood as a key to effective, patient centered care in all health care settings, the quantity and quality of training that health care professional get in ways to promote and enhance effective healthcare professional : patient communication is sadly lacking. Reading the article make a lot of sense. Some health care professional has no patient whatsoever to deal with sick patient. Sometimes they force you to think is it your fault to be in the hospital at the first place because they have no regard to what your need are. As a matter of fact, some of them you cannot even call them if you need something. Healthcare professional sometime forget that the patient is a human being just like them. When the health care professional is so rough they make the recovery for the patient very hard. Sometime patient is in need for treatment since the health care professional does not care the patient suffer a great deal. Usually they wait until shift change to do their work because they have to give a report the next shift employee. Treating the patient exactly how you would want to be treated is very important. The process of recovery will be a great success because the patient will feel at ease. Being a monster at the job will not solve any problem it will make it worse. Therefore, take good care of your patient will be the number priority for whosoever in the healthcare
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