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Nicholas Ellisor 1st Period A.P English 5/24/12 Marley & Me Brief synopsis Marley and Me chronicles the life of an owner and dog they named Marley. He was a very troubling and mischievous dog that destroyed everything in his path. This book depicts the life long friendship and hardship between human and man’s best friend. Assertion The argument presented in Marley and Me through my perspective (because it wasn’t really an argument so to speak) was that family is the most important aspect of life on this planet. He demonstrates this through the sometimes hard felt and charming stories about Marley. He also shows it that a dog can really stick a family together from the rough patches of life, including not being able to get pregnant, moving out of states and eventually having children. Author’s development of the assertion The author uses a very sooming tone to depict the life of Marley. He speaks in first person throughout the entire selection, telling stories about his wife and baby struggles, Marley’s mischevious behavior, to getting kids, and to Marley finally dying. His writing style can be best described as very straightforward and descriptive. I concludes that when the wife got sick of Marley tearing up the furniture and threating to get rid of him was when the concession took place. This is the case because that would break up family which this book’s whole point is that family is the most essential a human can. The husband talked her out of it, which kept the family together, which in turn was the rebuttal. The whole purpose was to keep the family together and sending him away would tear them apart. Intended audience and call to action The intended audience this selection was mainly focused in was probably a fundamentalist or just a person that is family first. It’s charming detail and plot tells a heart warming story about a dog, which

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