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Nothing Is Impossible Essay

  • Submitted by: jenggon
  • on December 4, 2013
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Below is an essay on "Nothing Is Impossible" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Corruption only brings negative impacts towards Malaysian infrastructure development. Firstly, the quality of infrastructure becomes worse. Proposed material for construction might have been compromised due to breach of terms in contract. For example, cheating in the amount or grade of cement used to build a foundation for building might weaken the structure and probability of collapsing become higher. Another negative effect is that it affects public daily business as result of failure in infrastructure. Productivity of human will be reduced because lack of facility which help them to work more efficiently. As example, defects in road like holes could be risky for vehicle. Often, accidents happen due to driver do not see the holes and they lose control. Worst case scenario is lives might be lost. Lastly, financial burden may suffer result from cost of corruption. Usually cost of corruption takes a small proportion from the actual value money has invested. However, for a long term effects the cumulative price of cost of corruption may increase until billion dollars per year for example. Assuming, that 5 percent of investment and maintenance costs in infrastructure are lost to corruption say in form of bribery, the financial burden alone may add up to about $18 billion a year in developing countries. In sum, corruption is profoundly detrimental to the development of Malaysian infrastructure.

Real friendship and virtual friendship seems to be different in several aspects. Firstly, social skill in real friendship is different compared to virtual friendship. In real friendship social skill involve physical contact between persons likes shaking hands, hugging, chatting and meeting friend in person. Meanwhile, in virtual relationship requires cyberspace platform to interact and computer gadgets likes microphone and headphone to communicate. Apart from that, intimacy is one of the aspects that make a difference between real...

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