Nothing Gold Can Stay

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The poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” and the short story, “Used to Live Here Once” shares a common theme of death and impermanence. Both are two different kinds of writing and they both carry themes that are similar that will be discovered and identified for its values in this essay. I will compare and contrast the significance of the common themes by comparing and analyze literal elements; using symbols and relationship with each other with identifying the form and style in each of these writings listed above point by point to help keep an organized thought flow. I will be examining these two writings forms one at a time by giving my literary experience and examples how the literal symbols, images, imaginative characteristics, rhyme and alliteration helps allow the reader to open oneself up to hidden meanings. I will be giving my own ideal argument on the way the theme relates with my reading literary experience and personal insight. In the short eight lined poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” written by Robert Frost, he starts out by painting a picture theme of spring by using symbols of green and gold.“Nature’s first green is gold.” (Clugston, 2010). Here the point is to take in the beauty and feeling of nature and beautiful spring. According to Clugston, (2010) the color green is nature symbolizing birth-new beginning and gold in relation with perfection. For those that have experienced all four seasons and when Spring comes it can be related to a new birth of life. Trees that look bare and necked come back to life dressed in their best green. Flowers and plants come up from the earth like a sense of life being breathed back into their proper world making everything around them look gold; a symbol of perfection. This poem is painting an image and uses symbols for the reader to unfold and identify. Spring does not last forever nor does life. “Her

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