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Reasons choose outsourcing 1. Lower Expenditures Companies who choose to outsource their HR, IT, and other admin works outsourced will actually end up saving a significant amount of money. This covers not only the expenditures spent on people but also the equipments needed in order to fill up certain positions. 2. Focus on Core Competencies Hiring outsourcing companies to handle the administrative works of business will both lower the expenditures and increase the capability on focusing more on business core competencies. It will enable firm and the employees to focus on the immediate job they need to do in order to sustain and improve the company . 3. Promote Customer Intimacy The relationship with the outsourcing company should continue to improve the longer do business with them. As a result of the a aforementioned principle, companies will have better opportunities to better promote and improve their products and services , resulting to higher chances of catering and satisfying the needs of our bosses. 4. Speeds up Business Process Outsourced employees who are tasked to assist in the administration processes of a company will provide a big boost in its overall productivity. Having them around would not only result in the emphasis of the company’s goals and vision, unnecessary procedures and documents would also be eliminated in the process. 5. Enables Flexibility The reasons listed above all boils down to one common goal, and that is the improvement of the company’s flexibility. Customer-related services, product enhancement, employee management and other divisions can work directly on their core jobs, enabling companies to develop a bigger and faster.

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