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Matthew Wilson 6th Period Fair or Not? Is the government overpowering the citizens of the United States by placing people on death row for a punishment? From the past years people and citizens, all over the world, have been debating the controversy of the death penalty. There are both positives and negatives to both sides of the argument. Is the death penalty morally fair? This is the argument people have been debating over. One side of the main sides, is whether or not the death penalty is helpful to the society as a whole. If a convict commits a murder, then the moral punishment is for the criminal to be put to death. Most Americans favor the use of the death penalty, for those that have committed serious wrongdoing, by 64% to 30%, states the Gallup Poll Crime Survey. All of states, except twelve, participate in the act of the death penalty for the criminals. Most supporters, in favor of the death penalty, are Republicans. These supporters agree that it is a moral consequence for those of serious crimes. The other side of the controversy is for those that oppose the death penalty. The opposed state that the system is truly unfair. These people also say that the Criminal Judicial Systems has many flaws in it. Their argument is that innocent people will be put to their death. Critics state that the death penalty is an act of immoral punishment, and a better solution is life imprisonment. Other opponents state that the executions are barbaric and should not be in the public society, and state that this punishment is archaic and robs the criminal of their right to live as a human ( Although the death penalty may not be moral to the society of the modern world, the overall benefits would be the greatest effect on murder rates and crime rates, in general. In the perspective of many people, the death penalty should only be used for those that

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