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Bond of Music Ever since I could walk, I have always been with my older brother, Brian. Even though he was often a bit awful to me, this did not exclude the fact that he was one of the coolest kids around. What else could a little sister ask for? That is what I thought when I was little, but we both have grown up together over the years. He stopped spiking his hair and traded it for shaggy, grown-out, curly, brown hair, not necessarily worrying about what others thought about him. Over the years, I have noticed that his exotic green eyes grew with wisdom and experience, and the rest of his face was slightly wearier than when he was younger. We do not exactly throw pinecones at each other anymore or have our little fights. We have discovered a new passion that does not require such nonsense and has brought us closer together–drumming. Whenever I happened to be in his room, in our kitchen, or even In the Monache High School band room, I was always ready to visualize a new trick or pattern he had come up with. This year, he even made time in his schedule to help me prepare for high school band. There he would stand with his small stature, wearing cuffed and ripped jeans, one of my grandpa’s white button-up shirts and a pair of worn Converse. I watched his technique and felt all of the energy he put into every rhythm he played. How seriously he took his practicing was almost astonishing. As I stood there, completely mesmerized by his work, I realized how important high school band would be and how much I should have been practicing. Brian helped me through the work. On occasion, he brought home two snare drums for us to practice on and to give me the experience of playing on a real snare. Even though it took baby steps and large calluses on my fingers, I had become very close to being as talented as he was. “That was great! Though, you still need to even out

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