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Cisco’s acquisition of Flip Four years. That’s all it took for the Flip video cameras, the most popular video camera in the US, to go from hot start-up to obsolete. But even in the life cycle of tech products where things happen fast, this seemed to be in the blink of an eye --- unusual fast, as one analyst said, especially for a “hot” product. What happened? The Flip camera broke new ground when it was introduced. Customers loved that it was pocketable, inexpensive, and easy to use. Flip’s name came from the arm that flips out of the camera body and lets the user connect it dicrectly to a computer. The camera also had video-editing software that opened when it was connected to the computer. Although the actual video camera seemed tiny, it recorded remarkably good foodage for a camera of its size. In addition, unlike other video cameras, the Flip could be held comfortablely in front of you so you didn’t feel “removed” from the event being recorded. The product was exactly what the founders envisioned --- a practical pocketsized, inexpensive, and easy-to-use video camera. When Cisco Systems decided to acquire Flip, one of the hottest consumer products to hit store shelves in a while, many industry analysts questioned that decision, believing it was an “odd fit” for the company that’s best known for its business enterprise networking services. The Flip camera was the first true consumer product under the Cisco umbrella. In its announcement, Cisco said that the acquisition was a key to its strategy to expand momentum in the media-enabled home. There was no doubt that Cisco was serious about the company’s desire to expand its market from technical components into true consumer electronics. And there was another variable at work here, as well. The acquisition of Pure Digital Technologies (the actual company behind the Flip camera) was another sign that Cisco was

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