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The theme I am going to explore within this project is going to be death and decays and the impact of this on the viewer as my aim is to make the viewer feel uncomfortable when observing the images I am going to produce. I will also use the weather conditions to emphasise the eeriness of nature within my images as well as, making a contrast between life and death using natural forms that are both living and decaying. Joseph Sudek links within my work as his images contain an eerie aspect of nature that everyday are in front of us yet we choose to ignore it. The weather conditions used within his work have this eerie effect and the images are often of woodland and the trees are often lacking in life. The images are also in isolation as there is rarely any life form shown. The weather conditions are mainly misty and foggy which moreover brings the eerie and disturbing effect to the viewer’s mind. I am going to try and explore the way Sudek uses weather conditions to emphasise the effect his images have on the viewer. The trees used are also and extraordinary shape so my aim is to take images with abnormal shaped trees likes his. These different shaped trees can be used to achieve a better composition. To get these images I will go to several different forests or woodland areas so that I can use both weather conditions and natural structures to make my images as disturbing and eerie as Sudek’s. I am also going to try and take photographs of both life and decay images of different natural structures and forms. The resources I will gather will be focused mainly on the shape and pattern of the trees but also on the weather conditions and how they, together, have the eerie sense within them. I also feel that if I show the sharp contrast between life and decay, that it will achieve this effect. The sharp contrast between black and white also contributes to achieving the

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