Nothing? Essay

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I think the problem revolves around the idea of "nothing". We think of nothing as the absence of everything but what if that nothing was something we could not perceive? Our ears or eyes can't pick up on anything over or under a certain frequency so why can't that situation exist for matter and energy? Maybe the universe is part of something bigger that contains lots of universes. Maybe the big bang was a puncture or crack in that "something" and all this energy leaked into or pushed some space like bubble to create the universe. I think that what we call nothing is really something, we just can't perceive it. Maybe there was originally nothing but gas, say hydrogen. Then, two hydrogen atoms combined and exploded. (creating helium?) Because all of this hydrogen gas already in the "air," the explosion was horrendous. After a while dust particles formed. Because of gravity they began to combine. After so many were compressed, they created all the Universes matter, and everything else like that. This is just a theory and I don't know how thorough it is.That's the underlying assumption - that the universe was formed from a hot, dense, energy-only state about 14 billion years ago. Bear in mind that this is the answer that science has deduced from the observations of the universe today. While we cannot prove it (meaning that we cannot ever "see" the state that existed before the big bang) our observations of the things the way they are now gives credence to the postulate. There are many theories about how the universe was created, the most famous of them ( and the one with the most evidence ) is the Big Bang. Lots of theories about how it started are there. Since the universe is continuously expanding, it had to have started from something small. Scientists believe that this was dark matter and dark energy, which most people call 'nothing'. These two (and maybe more)

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