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____________________ The Odyssey Study Guide, Part 1 Introduction 1. Who does Homer ask for help in telling the story? Why? The Muse. The muse of poetry helps poets be eloquent. 2. What moral theme is expressed in lines 10-11? A leader can’t save disobedient followers; stupidity has consequences. 3. What three things do we know about Odysseus’s journey through Homer’s prayer? He visited many places. He was unable to save his men. His men violated the order of gods and ate the cattle of the Sun, Helios. Book One: The Adventures of Odysseus Sailing from Troy 4. Who is Odysseus addressing when he says, “I am Laertes’ son, Odysseus…”? King Alcinous of Phaecia 5. Where is Ithaca? Ithaca is an island northwest of Greece in the Aegean Sea 6. _____________ is another name for the Greek people and used to refer to Odysseus’ men. The Achaeans 7. Example of an epithet in lines 29 – 30? Loveliest of all Calypso 8. What theme is expressed in lines 34 – 37? There’s no place like home. 9. What theme is expressed in lines 47 – 50? Men were greedy, drunken, and foolish – which leads to trouble every time. 10. Describe the simile in lines 53-55. There were many, many Ciconian soldiers who came to attack the Greeks – as many as blades of grass and leaves in the spring. 11. What do you learn about the crew from this story? (At least 2 things) A. They are selfish and greedy. B. They are disobedient & foolish. 12. Epic Hero Qualities seen in this section: leadership, cleverness – he gives good advice; courage in battle 13. Flaws: greed, drunkenness, disobedience 14. Modern Day parallel: Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen Lotus Eaters 15. Zeus’ role: He sent a huge storm against the ship; they had to land for safety. 16. Odysseus sends __3__ of his men ashore to “scout out” the area. 17.

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