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What if everyone in the world was exactly alike ? What if everyone talked the same; had the same job? The world would be extremely dull. It is important to accept people for who they are and doesn’t matter if they have a degree in a well known university or not . Every person , not only those with a degree can succeed , such as tradesman. A tradesman is a specially trained worker who might work in fields such as construction or carpentry . They are not professional workers like doctors and attorneys , but there is no shame in being a tradesman. In the middle ages , there was a definite structure in the society . People were born into classes of people and stayed on the class for the entire life. A trade or occupation refers to a job that requires some specific kind of skill. It also comes people who produced goods or services that required skills. People who were tradesman lived I the cities. Tradesman had higher level of education and more privileges than people who worked in the fields. Therefore even in those centuries tradesman was a beneficial job. Nowadays being a tradesman is beneficial also , we need help from the construction workers to bullied , we need plumbers to install and repair pipes which are used to carry water, gas, sewage also electricians who provide electricity to us , so we would sleep in warm house . Tradesman are people with skills and with strong hands . Our lives would be ruined with out tradesman , an a example for that would be ‘’ Hurricane Sandy’’. On October 29th 2012 NYC had faced a catastrophe ,hurricane Sandy Brooklyn , long Island , Staten Island ,New Jersey our well known Jersey Shore . Right now these places and people who got affected by it need help from the tradesman ,because only a tradesman can help with electricity , gas and water that’s has been gone for days . There are various ways to become a Tradesman , people

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