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We have reached this point where I see you and I see nothing, you do bring me nothing, but bad memories. I gave you everything until I stay up with nothing and nothing you have thanked. My love for you steps to nothing, because I got tired of waiting and seeing nothing. I gave one hundred percent and you gave nothing. You say words and I hear nothing, you for me mean nothing. So much and much love to finish in nothing. Your heart is of iron, you feel nothing. You say you love me and everything ended up in nothing. There's nothing to lose, I lost everything for you. I lost friends, work and life, all for you. I have nothing left…What do you want from me? If you went and left me in nothing, everything comes to nothing. I bet everything and I lost. There is nothing in me; you took my faith and hope, now there is nothing I believe in. Everyone told me, and I listen nothing. Since I met you, nothing good happened. You came out of nothing; I fell in love like nothing and shed so many tears, now when I cry nothing roll down by my cheeks .Why lie to me, if you wanted nothing real with me. You treated me as your toy; you played with me and turned everything that I was into nothing. Now you are back again, now I have nothing that you can take from me. You regret now, but now the person who I was it is no longer here. Look for me in the nothing, and you will find me, because it is there where you left me. My attempts to get up, ends up in nothing. As I died you did nothing. Now my only remains are the shadow of what I once was. My name is an echo of nothing. I am empty; I have nothing to offer anyone. You stole me what I could give someone who really loved me so much that nothing could stop his love. You went as if nothing; and from the bottom of nothing, I confess, beneath these words, I still love you like nothing and my heart beats for

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