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Annexure ‘A’ TECHNICAL EVALUATION/COMMENTS General 1. The design of the web portal seems fairly compliant to the requirement of enabling the user (member states of STOMD) to input structured data pertaining to terrorist incidents, tactics, strategies and methods, and to help them retrieve the information on a real time basis. The Subject web portal has been technically evaluated on the basis of the attached documents. Some of the features for its enhancements and increased utility are suggested as under:- a. Biometric Identification System (1) With the help of a structured and comprehensive terrorist fingerprint database in place, the criminal AFIS System can be implemented to help identify and track down the terrorists efficiently. (2) In a scenario where a terrorist incident has occurred and five fingers have been retrieved from the area, the system would be able to process and identify if the fingerprints exists in the terrorist database. This can facilitate the authorities in tracking the terrorist and differentiate them from civilians. 2 b. Integration of IS (intelligence sharing) Form (1) The current input of the system exists as IR (Initial Report) and DR (Detail Report) Forms. Intelligence sharing (IS) form can also be introduced in this respect, which can provide a platform to share the intelligence information with the state member’s security agencies. (2) The ultimate benefit of IS form is that if a terrorist activity is anticipated, detected or reported, the system allows to share the information with the member states security agencies on real time basis. And hence would help the security agency to take appropriate pre-attack measures. 2. Automatic Alerts Generation. Although a comprehensive data warehouse with BI and Data mining tools are planned in future, the current system can also implement an intelligent

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