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She's a sweetheart and one of the nicest, most loving and compassionate persons that I know. She's a hero of mine and one of my best friends. Throughout all the years that I was living at home she would get up earlier than I and cook me a full breakfast (pancakes, bacon, eggs, juice--the whole works) and her cooking is better than any restaurant food I'd ever eaten (her potato salad is beyond delicious just to name one dish that she makes) And on my birthday she'd make (and still does) all of my favorites.And when I would get sick (and still when I get sick) she would always take care of me better than any nurse could. She would buy comfort foods for me that sat well with my body such as my stomach when I'd get the flu. And when my stomach ached or if I had a fever she would hold my hand or place a cool wash cloth on my forehead to calm me down and ease my fever. Some of my earliest and fondest memories where that she was the first person that I saw after waking up from a nap and was always greeted with a smile and a little snack. I'm getting teary eyed writing this--my heart is full to the brim with love today. She is also one of the best listeners and that is such a great quality to have because most times we all just want to be heard and understood when we have struggles. She is also one of these people who always knows just what to say at the perfect moments. She is one of the happiest people that I a know and always seems to have a smile on her face. I love how excited and happy she gets when she sees me. She really knows how to make people feel appreciated. She taught me well the value of respect and tolerance for all people regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, age or sex. And respect is something that is sorely lacking in our modern world. I was rightly taught that I am no more important or less than any other being in this world and that has served me

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