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Literary Analysis Essay 1 For this assignment, you will be writing a Literary Analysis Essay. Reference the Sample Literary Analysis Essay posted in the Course Contents section for pointers on how to arrange and format your paper. • Select any work from the current Unit One Reading List. • No research is required for this essay. • You will be judged on the level of insight you offer about the work of literature. Focus on a specific idea or theme. Begin with a question that you would like to try to answer about something that puzzles you in the piece. • Here are a few possibilities – feel free to use one of the ideas or come up with one of your own: o What does the heron symbolize in "A White Heron"? o What are the points Ambrose Bierce is making about war in "Chickamauga"? o Discuss the theme of assimilation in "Yekl." o Discuss the rotten meat in “The Jungle” as a symbol of capitalism. o Discuss the use of irony in "Desiree's Baby." o Contrast the stereotypes of the working class and the middle class represented by Big Bill Totts and Freddie Drummond in "South of the Slot." • Your essay needs to be at least 500 words long. • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation count, as does your ability to write well, so edit carefully. Include a properly formatted Works Cited page that includes the textbook and an entry for the work on which you are focusing, along with parenthetical citations for direct quotations. • Consult your MLA handbook for assistance. • Submit this essay as a Word or RTF document to the classroom Dropbox for grading. SOMEBODY HELP ME ITS MY FIRST DAY AND I AM DISCOURAGED

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