Notes on the Age of Isms Essay

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NATIONALISM First successful revolt in Greece ­Because Turks, since turks are stupid >Thinking they’re European ­Germany starts seeing Nationalistm soon >Hitler was a Romantic >First Reich, Germanic hordes Third, HITER ­Realism and romantisism will combine to be impressionism INTEREST IN EXOTIC LANDS Exotisim ­The sexy other (Belly dancers and such) ­Sense of escape from reality ­Psychological/moral justification of imperialism (?) RETURN TO CHRISTIAN MYSTERY Mystic ­Going outside of the boundaries of normal religion >Like whirling Dervishes, muslim religion, spinning makes you see Allah Autocracy ­Self govt Autocratic dictator style ruler will manipulate the people to be within Czar Nicholas’ rule by use of nationalism. ­It uses nationalism by subverting rights in the name of RUSSIA July revolution in france ­sets off ALL revolts ­”When France sneezes, Europe catches a cold” 1831­ young Italy is founded 1848­ Italy is unified ­Wat happen ­Not enough people to support it Ferdinand I ­Conservative monarch ­Culturally and racially heterogeneous ­Reliance on Serfdom ­Corrupt government ­Competition with extremely powerful Prussia Lajos Kossouth ­Hungarian revolutionary leader ­March laws provided for Hungarian independence ­Slavic minorities resisted Mygar invasion ­Austrian and Russian armies defeated the hungarian army ­1866 is when Hungary gets its freedom Tsar Nicholas (1825­1855) Bohemia, 1848 ­Bohemia was split between pan slavs and pan German ­Prague conference >Developed Idea of austro slavism >Constitution and autonomy within the Habsburg empire ­Austrian military attacked Prague, occupied Bohemia and crushed rebellion Italy Upheaval in Italy, 1848 ­Italy gets smarter ­Italian liberals and nationalists sought to end foreign domination of Italy ­Milan, Lombardi, and Venetia wanted to to expel their Austrian rulers ­Boubon rulers in kingdoms of 2 sicilies

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