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-REVISING is when you rewrite what you have already written, to make it better (stronger) than it was before. → While revising, you must think about communicating to your reader in a clear, meaningful way. (ex. Adding essential information, creating tone) → Looking at the bigger picture → Good to leave your essay for a little while before revising to get a fresher view. -EDITING is when you clean up your writing for minor errors →PROOFREADING: check your words and correct your grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. - An effective introduction and conclusion are important → (introduction ex.) Opening with an unusual fact, opening with a question, opening with a quote, opening with a thesis statement → (conclusion ex.) Summarizing main points, talk about larger issues, creating a vivid image -TOPIC SENTENCE tells the main idea of that paragraph. → Good to have your topic sentence in the beginning of the paragraph because readers will be able to pick up on it immediately, and will be able to follow your main idea quicker → DEDUCTIVE: start with a topic sentence and provide support that topic in the rest of the paragraph → INDUCTIVE: start with specific details and move to general ideas, placing the topic sentence at the end -Important to make the paragraphs UNIFIED. Every sentence in the paragraph should relate to the main idea →In a COHERENT paragraph, all sentences are related to each other, and so the transitions between them are meaningful, and easy to understand. →4 ways to achieve coherence • Chronological Order- arrange ideas in order of when things happened • Spatial Order- orient the reader through the passage, through that scene • Emphatic Order- arrange the information in the order of significance, usually from least to most important • Logical Order- the paragraph moves from a general to

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