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Research assignment Topic: Romantic Love Title: Othello by Shakespeare Literature type: Play From whose perspective do we view the romantic love and how does this affect our view of it? The play, Othello surrounds the romantic relationship of Othello an Desdemona. Their marriage is initially viewed as a strong and happy marriage, for example Desdemona expresses how she wished for, "the heavens had made her a man like Othello," Othello is greatly in love with Desdemona and expresses he would not have wanted to marry if he had not fallen so deeply in love with Desdemona, “I would not my unhoused free condition put into circumscription and confine for the seas worth.” (26-27) There is no narration within the play, instead as a result of the dialogue entirely being speech. Thus we view the romantic relationship between Othello and Desdemona through our own perspective. This therefore shapes the way in which we view the romantic love as we see events and view feelings that some of the other characters do not. What may be hidden to Othello for example, is extremely clear to us, the viewer. For example a key aspect that ends up destroying the relationship is the lack of trust Othello has for Desdemona as a result of Othello’s supposed friend, Iago’s tormenting comments on their relationship. Iago is angry towards Othello as he choose his friend Cassio over him to be his lieutenant, Iago also believes Othello slept with his wife. Thus he wants to gain revenge on Othello by convincing him Desdemona is being unfaithful, and sleeping wit Othello’s good friend and lieutenant, Cassio. These false accusations end up destroying Othello’s correct judgment as he is quick to believe Iago, rather than his wife. This frustrates the viewers as we can see the truth of Desdemona’s loyalty and faithfulness that Othello is blind too. For example other than the fact

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