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Notes on Critical Thinking Essay

  • Submitted by: saarahhh
  • on October 22, 2013
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• Egocentric thinking is viewing everything in relation to oneself as individuals are self-centred and only consider their interests.
• This inhibits critical thinking, as the egocentric person is unaware of their thinking patterns.
• This is because they are closed minded to other peoples thoughts and ideas, which impacts their critical thinking abilities
• Although, while egocentrism is focused with the individual and their perceived surroundings, the social structure and formation of cultural groups significantly impact our thoughts and cognitions about the world around us.
• Social conditioning can benefit or drawback your ability to think critically.
• Each of us is unique with a wide array of factors that significantly effect how we view the world and the way we interact with people.
• Critical thinking is hindered when the world and people in it are viewed from biased conditioning.
• An important element of social conditioning is the concept of groupthink.
• Groupthink is the tendency to see ones own group as being inherently better than others.
• Most people unconsciously hold bias views, for instance, Franco and Maass conduced a study testing the relationship between implicit and explicit views of prejudice.
• The study used implicit and explicit measures to determine how the participants’ feel about certain groups.
• Under these circumstances, the participants would say something explicitly but implicitly portray their true behaviour towards the out-group.
• This is a reflection of how most people absorb group bias unconsciously, which may also be impacted by social pressure.
• Experiment conducted by Milgram measured the willingness of participants to obey an authority figure by instructing them to perform acts that conflicted with their personal conscience
• There is an old but meaningful statement: “When everyone thinks alike, no one thinks very much.”
• It has much truth to it. Critical thinking by nature...

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