Notes of a Native Son

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In “ Notes of Native Son “ essay by James Baldwin, the writer describes about the complexities of both the race, white and black and familial relationships. There was a racial discrimination against Negro people at that time. It was really harsh and Baldwin’s father experienced it. Later on, Baldwin’s father’s hatred passed down to Baldwin himself. Throughout this essay, James Baldwin continued make references to life and death, blacks and whites, and love and hate. In the beginning of the essay, the writer described the relationships between he and his father. His father did not trust anyone because of his bitter past that hunted him. His father is portrayed as a skeptical as he could not open and trust anyone especially white people. This made the reader wondering about what white people did to Baldwin’s father until he hated all white people. At that time, Baldwin did not get along with his father. He only realized when his father died. Baldwin never believed his white friends would betray him as his father taught him. Rejection, treated badly, and alienation had played a significant role in Baldwin’s life. Only when he lived in New Jersey, he actually experienced the cruelty of the real world. When he grew up, he moved to New Jersey. He encountered an environment where people were less friendly to Black. Also, he had to experience the “ We do not serve Negros here ”. This give an idea to the reader that the poor treatment he received in New Jersey created bitterness in Baldwin that matched to the bitterness that his father had. Finally, he understood why his father had such beliefs. The reader also felt this was really interesting because at last James Baldwin learned about the cruelty in the real world. Most children did not listen to their parents and at the end he had to experience this before understanding the words of his father. We also notices

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