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Thinking and Writing Notes - Quick Access Chapter 3: Page 20-27 Reading Images Critically Summarize – “Read on the line” On a literal level, what you can see (ex street fill of older houses with modern skyscrapers in distance) Analyze – “Read between the lines” to see that an image is fairly rich with layers of meaning. (ex can think about condition of houses versus those of the modern buildings) • Different captions can give image different meanings (ex ‘progress’ inequality ‘the neighborhood Synthesize – “Beyond the lines”  Associate to other photographs and artwork seen, other experiences • Imparts rich, deeper and complex connections to your thoughts Evaluate – The quality and impact of the message of the image • Resist evaluating prematurely The Writing Process / 10 Steps for Writing Essays Writing Process: Planning Determine purpose and audience, plan writing portfolio, develop ideas about topic, thesis Drafting First draft, compose your ideas into sentences and paragraphs Revising  Rewrite drafts for purpose of expanding/tightening them, rearranging, ensure staying on topic Editing Check for correctness of surface level features, (grammar, spelling, punctuation, mechanics) Proofreading Carefully scrutinize final draft, fix typing errors and missing/repeated small words Thinking like a writer Think about Purpose for writing… Think about audience.. Think of ways to develop topic…Think about thesis statement …(expanded more in book)… Thinking about topic: General=Marriage. Too broad= What makes a successful marriage? Too Narrow= Couples can go to a municipal hall to get married. Just right= Compromise is vital for a happy marriage. • Topic needs to demonstrate your intellectual and writing abilities • Topic needs sufficient specific details to back up general statement Purpose Typical purposes for writing: To

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