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THEOLOGY NOTES 03/26/2013 I. Diversity is clearly the reaction to stimuli and niches a. External diversity b. Internal diversity II. Diversity exists on all levels a. The single cell and diversity b. The complex organisms III. Diversity is on a continuum a. Not simple but plural b. Ranges of difference IV. The mystical experience and drugs V. The brain and flexibility a. No indication of gender by genes b. Ongoing flexibility of development c. Environment and genes VI. Notions of capacity – misreading the genes VII. A note on President Larry Summers of Harvard 1. The model is derived from work by Solikoko Mufwene Mufwene determines the language develops along an evolutionary path, which means that the factors for the development of language are the same, basically, as the factors that drive evolutionary development in the natural world. The key aspect that influence language are: 1. The necessity of a diverse set of possibilities 2. The occasion for the interactions between different language groups 3. The social pressure (environmental pressure) needed to necessitate change 4. The possibility that information can be passed on at the individual level We can understand this as a model for the development of religion if we accept that religion is also a cultural language (a rather specialized but significant cultural language.) Thus, religion in its developments will also be subject to the same evolutionary factors that mufwene identifies for the development of language. 5. Thinking about religious narratives and their content a. Cannot be taken as a literal rendering of events and this not a direct picture of reality (even sacred reality) b. Narratives form a picture of understanding (my sense is that this understanding is the memory of human relationaity with the cosmos.) 03/28/2013 I. Goodenoughs discussion of

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