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UCC - PROFESSIONAL SELLING – BBUS 345 – Winter 2010 Mid Term 1 Exam Review Note: Exam Topics Include Text, Moodle And Class Notes and Handouts Regarding Each Topic Below. Study All Sections Under A Main Topic Heading. The mid term will be 50-60 multiple-choice questions. Chapter 1 - Personal Selling Purpose, Marketing Mix/4P’s – Definition, Exchange process, - Personal Selling Vs Advertising and The Marketing Concept, Two Philosophies, - Evolution of selling, Partnering & relationship selling, Sales Trends, - Strategic Consultative Selling Model, Why study, Selling Process Steps, Chapter 2 - Rewards & drawbacks of a Selling Career, Basic Sales Tasks, - Major roles in Selling, Sales job categories, Duties of Salespeople, Key sales responsibilities - What it takes for success in selling, Chapter 3 - How to build your self concept, Body Language, Gestures, How to Read, - Unconscious Expectations, Appearance, Wardrobe Guidelines - Pacing & Conversation Skills, Active Listening, Proxemics, Distances, office arrangements, - Keys to a partnering relationship Chapter 4 - Communication Style Principles, Dominance and Sociability Descriptors, - 4 Communication Styles, Clues to a customer’s social style, How to Recognize - Pacing & Social style, Agreement & conflict, Strengths/Weakness Paradox - In the excess zone, Style Flexibility Chapter 5 - Ethics, Social Responsibility, Factors that affect ethical Behaviour, Personal Code of Ethics, - Chapter 8 - Developing a Customer Strategy Model, Consumer Decision making process - 5 mental steps, AIDA - Why Business Buyers Buy, Buying Motives, Emotional VS Rational Buying Motives - Characteristic of Business markets, Business Buying

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